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    What is Trump Card®?
    Trump Card is an exclusive privileges program that allows loyal guests to enjoy exclusive services and benefits based on your personal preferences as well as earn valuable credits that can be redeemed for room upgrades and complimentary hotel stays, once your unique member profile is complete.
    What is the advantage of joining?
    The program is simple and guests receive special benefits based on the number of nights and stays at Trump Hotel destinations. It offers the recognition and personalized services that are most meaningful to you, paving the way for an exceptional experience with every stay.
    How do I enroll?
    Registration for the program occurs:
    • Click Here to enroll in Trump Card
    • There is no cost to enroll
    How can I learn more about Trump Card?
    Visit our Program Overview page or contact Trump Card Guest Services toll-free at 855-878-6702 for assistance in the US/Canada or email [email protected].com.
    How do I earn credit for stays?
    Once you become a member, simply provide your unique Trump Card Member Number when making a reservation on, calling 855-878-6702, or by calling the desired hotel directly.
    How are points earned?
    Points are earned on nightly basis of 10 points per night that the member stays in when paying an eligible rate. Bonus points are earned if a member books and pays for suites. Some restrictions apply.
    Guest Rooms 10 -- 10
    One-Bedroom Suites 10 +50% Bonus 15
    Two-Bedroom Suites 10 +100% Bonus 20
    Penthouses 10 +100% Bonus 20
    I have an existing reservation, as a new member of the Trump Card program; can I add my account information to the reservation to earn credit for the stay?
    Yes, you can earn credit for stays up to two weeks prior to signing up for the Trump Card program.
    How many stays/nights do I need to earn status?
    To earn Gold Member status, you must complete 15 nights. To earn Platinum Member status you must complete 30 nights. Once the qualifying stays/nights have been achieved, members will automatically be upgraded to the next tier.
    What are my member benefits for regular status, Gold and Platinum?
    Please refer to the program overview for benefit details.
    Once I reach Exclusive status, how long does it last?
    Status will continue in the new tier for the remainder of the current calendar year, as well as for the entire following calendar year.
    How do I maintain my status?
    Card members must remain active by achieving the minimum number of nights per tier per calendar year.
    What happens if I am unable to accumulate the required amount of nights to maintain status?
    If a member is unable to maintain status, their tier will automatically be reduced to the achieved status tier.
    As a member how can I redeem my credits?
    Points can be redeemed by logging into the Trump Card Member Portal, and clicking on “Redeem Points”. Points may be redeemed for complimentary nights in both guest rooms and one-bedroom suites as well as for complimentary upgrades.
    Are there blackout dates for complimentary upgrades and complimentary nights?
    Trump Hotels will make standard rooms available for redemptions every day. Hotels may limit the number of standard rooms available for redemption.
    Do my points expire?
    Points do not expire as long as the account has activity at least once every 24 months. If there is no activity for 24 months then credits will be forfeited.
    Where can I view and/or edit my account information online?
    You may visit to view accounts and update profile information.
    How will I receive my account summary?
    Members can view account and profile information online by going to All stays at all Trump Hotel properties will be shown on your account summary.