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    What is Trump Card®?
    The Trump Card® Privileges Program is the loyalty recognition program of Trump Hotels, which offers exclusive member-only benefits and the ability to ear toward future stays. Membership is complimentary.
    What is the advantage of joining?
    When you become a member, you will unlock access to:
    • Exclusive member-only offers
    • Personalized stays based on your travel preferences
    • Complimentary room & suite upgrades
    • Priority early check-in and late check-out
    • Welcome amenity upon arrival
    • A dedicated member reservations line
    • Greater levels of recognition at the Exclusive Gold and Exclusive Platinum levels
    How do I join?
    You can become a member by completing the online form at You can also speak with a front desk, reservations, or Attache agent at any Trump Hotels destination, or a member services agent via phone. They will then email you an invitation to join Trump Card.
    How can I learn more about Trump Card?
    How do I earn points for stays?
    Once you become a member, simply provide your member number when making a reservation on or by phone. If you do not have your member number, you can book a reservation using the same email address that was used to join Trump Card.
    How are points earned?
    Members earn points with each qualifying night spent at participating Trump Hotels locations. Points are awarded based on room type.
    Guest Rooms 10 points earned per night
    One-Bedroom Suites 15 points earned per night
    Two-Bedroom Suites 20 points earned per night
    Penthouses 20 points earned per night
    I am a new Trump Card member and have an existing reservation; can I add my account information to the reservation to earn points for that stay?
    Yes, you can earn points for stays up to two weeks prior to becoming a member.
    How many nights do I need to earn status?
    To earn Exclusive Gold status, you must complete 15 qualifying nights within the qualifying period. To earn Exclusive Platinum status you must complete 30 qualifying nights within the qualifying period. Once the qualifying nights have been achieved, you will automatically be upgraded to the appropriate status level.
    What are the member benefits for each Trump Card status level?
    Please refer to the Program Overview for details on member benefits.
    How do I maintain my Exclusive Gold or Exclusive Platinum status?
    You will maintain your status level for the remainder of the current calendar year, as well as for the entire following calendar year.
    What happens if I am unable to accumulate the required amount of nights to maintain status?
    If you do not meet the qualifications of your current status level in the following calendar year, you will be demoted by one status level.
    How do I redeem my points?
    Points can be redeemed by signing into your account at, and clicking "Redeem Points." You can redeem your points for complimentary nights in both guest rooms and one-bedroom suites, as well as for complimentary upgrades.
    Are there blackout dates for complimentary upgrades and complimentary nights?
    Trump Hotels will make standard rooms available for redemption every day. Hotels may limit the number of standard rooms available for redemption.
    Do my points expire?
    For active members, points expire 48 months after they have been earned. To remain in active status, you must complete an eligible night or redeem points with a 24-month window. Once a member becomes inactive, points will be forfeited immediately.
    Where can I view and edit my account information online?
    You may visit to view your account activity and update your profile and preferences.